Valentine's Day is approaching - is your beard ready?

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Looking to increase your chances of finding a Valentine?

If you are looking for the ideal shieldmaiden this Valentine’s Day, remember that growing out your facial hair can always increase your chances of getting noticed. While studies show that most women find men with facial hair to be more attractive than men without facial hair, this is nothing new. The Vikings in the 7th – 11th century were known to be extremely attractive due to their style, cleanliness, and legendary BEARDS. It’s time to release your inner Viking and let your beard grow, especially if you are looking for love this Valentine’s Day.

If you are wondering why women are more attracted to beards, it is because…

A recent study found women are attracted to men with beards because facial hair indicates “a male's ability to successfully compete socially with other males for resources" and because they "render men with an older, more masculine, socially dominant, aggressive appearance that is able to protect and provide for them."

What’s next?

Not only should you start growing out your beard but is important that you keep your beard well-groomed. Just as the Vikings took pride in their beards, you should too. We suggest investing in beard care products to keep your beard looking fresh. Not only is having a beard more attractive but having a beard that smells good and feels soft to the touch could make you even more irresistible this Valentine’s Day. Make sure you check out The Duke of Normandy to see how their products can unlock your inner Viking.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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