What's up with our name..."Duke of Normandy"?

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

You might be thinking, "Wow, the Duke of Normandy, what an interesting name for a company!" But who is the Duke of Normandy and why is he is so important? Read on to find out...

Many of you may know the name from the character Rollo, brother to Ragnar Lothbrok on the hit TV series Vikings. However the inspiration for our company's name came from a very real, very badass Viking. History has known him by a few different names including Gange-Rolf, Rollo Ragnvaldsson, and most importantly, The Duke of Normandy.

Little is known about his early-life, and their is no definite record pointing to the country of his birth. However, his legendary and mysterious rise to power does not hinder the impact of his very real accomplishments. He partook in a series of lucrative raids on the kingdom of West Francia and later the siege of Paris. Once the Frankish King known as Charles the Simple realized there was little chance the Franks would be able to defeat the Vikings, under the guidance of his counselors, struck an agreement with Rollo granting him the land which became known as Normandy and his own daughter's hand in marriage in return for his loyal service and protection against future raids. Norman historian Dudo of Saint-Quentin described the counselor's argument as such:

"And thereby you will be able to grow mightily in power against the peoples who resist you; for Rollo is born of the proud blood of kings and of chiefs; he is very fair of body, a ready fighter, far-sighted in counsel, seemly in appearance, amenable to us, a faithful friend to those to whom he gives his word, a ferocious enemy to those whom he opposes, a constant and amenable vassal in all things, with  a shrewd mind, such as we need."

(Dudo’s History 2:25)

Adding one more impressive thing to his resume, he is also believed to be the great-great-great grandfather to William The Conqueror, quite the family tree.

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